Thinking Green

As a local leader in custom shutter manufacturing, we at Shutter Shaque feel that it is our responsibility to produce the finest custom shutters available while taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint.

Shutter Shaque uses only renewable REAL wood for the construction of our custom shutters. The incense-cedar we use comes from forests with strict regulations that promote sustainability and regeneration.

• Our shutters are NOT constructed of Poly, Vinyl, or Plastic, which are all non-renewable petroleum base products.

NO Faux, Composite, or MDF materials are used in the production of our shutters. These materials can contain hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde which can linger in your home for years after installation.

• Shutter Shaque shares a concern for air quality and your health, for this reason we use LOW VOC / LEAD FREE paints and primers in the finishing process of our shutters.

RECYCLING also plays an important role in the production of our custom shutters.  NONE of the byproduct created from manufacturing our shutters goes into a land-fill.

These are just a few of the ways Shutter Shaque is thinking green. For more information about Shutter Shaque shutters please visit or call our showroom.

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