No “Faux” or “Poly” Woods

For nearly 40 years Shutter Shaque has used incense-cedar for the production of our custom plantation shutters simply because of its superiority.

When compared to other woods commonly used for plantation shutter manufacturing, incense-cedar stands alone.  Incense-cedar is given the highest possible rating by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in workability, durability, insulation value and resistance to warpage.  According to Wood handbook: Wood as an engineering material; incense-cedar ranks among the most decay-resistant woods as well as being one of the woods that holds paint longest.

Additionally, the thermal conductivity rating or K factor of incense-cedar is among the best for all softwoods. This provides dependable, predictable insulating properties and resistance to heat migration. As one of the most stable wood species incense-cedar also stands up to wider variations in temperature and humidity without warping, checking or shrinking. This allows for tighter size tolerances and an all-around higher quality shutter.

Other woods and materials used in the manufacturing of custom shutters do not offer the strength, grain structure, or finishing properties of incense-cedar.  At Shutter Shaque we will not compromise our quality or reputation and for this reason we use incense-cedar for the manufacturing of our custom plantation shutters.

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