A Word From The President

“In my humble opinion…
There is no finer shutter than Shutter Shaque’s.”

I started this business in 1974 and would appreciate this chance to share some of my views and experiences with you before you make your very important decision of where to purchase your shutters. Whether you are purchasing shutters for one window or for a whole house; customer shutters are an investment that you shouldn’t take lightly. You have decided to make a quality investment in your home and you should do the same in the selection of customer shutters.

I have heard of and witnessed first hand how often people are taken advantage of when purchasing custom shutters. In an effort to help you make this important decision and avoid the pitfalls that so many have come up against, I would like to share some guidelines to be used in your choice of a company.

  • Do they have showroom that displays their shutters?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have a Contractor’s License?
  • Is their price a reflection of their product?
  • Does the Better Business Bureau give them a good rating?
  • Is there an address listed in the phone book?
  • Are their installers’ company employees or merely subcontractors?

Each guideline can help you avoid becoming the victim of con artists, poor businessmen and substandard workmanship. Time and again, we have had customers come to us after losing a sizable sum to companies who either never planned to complete their order or found themselves unable to do so because of unsound business practices.

Whether you decide to buy you shutters from Shutter Shaque or from another company here in the Valley, please be sure you know who you’re entrusting with this important responsibility. Will you honestly be able to say, as I can, that you have the finest shutters available?

Steve Bryant

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